verse form

verse form
a composition written in metrical feet forming rhythmical lines
Syn: ↑poem
Hypernyms: ↑literary composition, ↑literary work
abecedarius, ↑Alcaic, ↑Alcaic verse, ↑ballad, ↑lay, ↑ballade, ↑blank verse, ↑elegy, ↑lament, ↑epic poem, ↑heroic poem, ↑epic, ↑epos, ↑free verse, ↑vers libre, ↑haiku, ↑lyric, ↑lyric poem, ↑rondeau, ↑rondel, ↑sonnet, ↑tanka, ↑terza rima, ↑verse, ↑rhyme, ↑versicle
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